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TV broadcasting is one of Red Square Group of Companies’ priority areas. Over the years of its operation the holding has implemented a variety of projects of the widest array many of which have become landmarks in the Russian TV history. Programmes produced by Red Square appear on central Russian channels and are intended for a widest viewing audience. They include programmes as The Voice, Russia’s Got Talent!, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Projektorperishilton, Pride of the Nation, Intervilles, At This Time of Night, Control Purchase, Fashion Court, Let’s Get Married!, GorDon Quixote, Private Screening, Russian Inventor and many more. What they have in common is an invariably high quality thanks to which Red Square’s products are deservedly popular among Russian viewers. Besides that, Red Square introduced some one of a kind TV formats popular not only in Russia but also globally.


Red Square GC is actively involved in making and producing TV series, documentaries and feature films. Just like in other areas of its activities, Red Square GC releases films intended for very different audiences. Red Square’s works include the TEFI award winner, a resonant series The School, a melodrama Vera’s Attempt, a popular situation comedy Garages, and a remake of a cult TV series Prison Break. Documentaries produced by Red Square are dedicated both to well-known Russian historical figures and to studies of many important aspects of the contemporary Russian society. Each project evokes lively response not only in the viewers, but also in TV and cinema communities.


Red Square has a unique experience in staging and shooting music performances. Over the years the holding has produced TV versions of concerts and anniversary entertainments of national and international celebrities, and has also organized gala concerts for many big national holidays. In 2009, Red Square as a prime contractor organized and provided TV coverage of the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Apart from this, Red Square produces popular music shows such as The Voice, Pride of the Nation and Operacion Triunfo. Finally, Red Square’s specialists have created national music charts Red Star aiming to reveal true music preferences of the Russian audience.

The Internet

The Internet is a relatively new direction of Red Square’s activities. However, Red Square has already achieved significant successes in this area. Just within two years Red Star (the national summary charts) music portal and several other projects were created, which are not only official web-sites but also independent services of popular TV programmes produced by Red Square — Control Purchase, Fashion Court etc. An active work goes on in social networks, and new unique Internet projects are being developed.


Red Square is the largest player in the services market in terms of integration of sponsor advertising into TV projects. Red Square has already got a great number of successfully conducted campaigns; and it cooperates with largest advertising agencies and foreign companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Samsung, Pepsi, Tefal and many more. In customer relations area Red Square excellently combines deep understanding of the market with an individual approach to and understanding the needs of every customer.


Red Square successfully develops commercial use of trademarks and is involved in TV content distribution both in Russia and abroad, as well as in realizing other kinds of rights. Being the largest production company, Red Square offers unique Russian projects, feature films and documentaries, as well as TV series. The catalogue operated by Red Square’s relevant unit amounts for over 35 hours of the programme product that includes all kinds of TV genres.

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