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Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. "Where I Feel Good"Bashmet CircuitValentin Gaft. "I play someone else’s life like my own""I do not like the fanfare." On the jubilee of Yury SolominVoice. Kids. On a Top NoteSergey Yurskiy. "I Came to Cinematography as a Clown”Vlad Listyev. A Glance in Twenty YearsLydia Smirnova. Love and Other TroublesValentina Talyzina. Time is not a HealerThe Voice. On the Highest NoteZnarok and his TeamSergey Naryshkin. Patriotism is love!Alexandra Pakhmutova "The Unknown Star is Shining"Nikolay Karachentsov. "I’m in Love — and Therefore I Live!"Vladimir Menshov. "It is Even Impossible to Walk down the Street with Him..."Irina Rodnina. Woman with an AttitudeVladimir Spivakov. Life at the Fingertips“Profession — Investigator”Alexander Schirvindt. The Star PartWearing Gloves for the Whole Life. To be continuedLyudmila Zykina. "Here is my Mooring..."The War and the MythsTatiana Samoilova. "No One has Ever Seen my Tears"The Voice Kids. On the Highest NoteAlla Pugacheva — My GrandmotherTatiana Bulanova. My Bright LightOlympic Peaks. Figure SkatingLiubov Uspenskaia. I Know the Secret of SolitudeOlympic Peaks. BiathlonOlympic Peaks. HockeyLeonid Yarmolnik. I am Lucky!Yuriy Nikolaev. Can’t Live without TVAndrey Makarevich. Time MachineAleksey Batalov. I do not Bargain with FateMikhail Tanich. The Last SeaSergey Bezrukov. Success is Never ForgivenValentin Yudashkin. Chic in RussianTruth About "Survivor!"Yuli Gusman. One-man BandAlexander Nevzorov. “600 Seconds” and the Whole LifeLeonid Agutin. A Bit Of RegretAlsu. I’m Not A PrincessVyacheslav Fetisov. Fair&SquareVyacheslav Zaitsev. Always in trendIgor Kvasha. Personal PainLeonid Gaidai. The Great MockingbirdIgor Ugolnikov. You Must Be KiddingOperacion Triunfo. 10 Years LaterAngelina Vovk. The Woman Who HostsLife as a FeatHeart Wants What It WantsGrigori Leps’ LabyrinthsTsoi — “Kino”The whole life in glovesPhilip Kirkorov. I dreamt this life myselfNikolai Rastorguyev. Here’s to Life!Tamara Gverdtsiteli. Three times in my life I started all over from scratch.Irina Allegrova. Woman with a pastSergei Bodrov. Where are you, brother?The Republic of Kazakhstan. What dreams may comeAlexander Maslyakov. 70 — is not a joke, 50 — jokingYulian Semyonov. The man who knew too much...Caught in the networks of lonelinessYuri Vyazemsky. Tricky QuestionPyotr Mamonov. Black and WhiteBoris Krasnov. In the rawHard LandingHOT summer 2010. Future OutlookEver-fresh productsHOT Summer 2010Give Me LifeJacques-Yves Cousteau. Citizen of the oceanZvorykin MurometsTatyana Navka. Fire and iceL.E.P. Manege Horse ReadingVladislav Listyev. We rememberIgor Matvienko. Maestro in jeansFashion of the Leonid Brezhnev eraGogol the birdThe horse crucified and risenPeter and Fevronia. The story of eternal loveThe sketch portrait of the artist. Valentin Yudashkin


Project developed by Konstantin Ernst and Igor Tolstunov, a criminal drama based on Vladimir ”Adolfych“ Nesterenko's book of the same name about gangsterism in Kiev in early 90-s.

Olimpius Inferno

Michael, a young entomologist from the USA, born in Russia, comes to South Ossetia to shoot a movie about a rare kind of nocturnal butterflies.


Mikhail Gorbachev. A Man Who Changed the World

A grandiose gala concert was held on March 30, 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall in London devoted to the 80th anniversary of the first president of the USSR, a Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, a man who changed the world.

Gala Concert Dedicated To the 65-th Anniversary Of Victory In The Great Patriotic War

A grand concert specially arranged to coincide with the 65-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Soviet and Russian pop-stars wish Russians happy holiday and sing popular wartime songs.

The 54th Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow

The 54th EU wide Eurovision Song Contest took place between 12 and 16 May 2009 at the Olympic Indoor Arena in Moscow. It was the first Eurovision Song Contest hosted by Russia.

Day of Family, Love And Fidelity

On the 8th of July, 2008 a new holiday “Day of Family, Love and Fidelity” was celebrated in Russia for the first time



"Intervilles" is the world famous TV project, which is a real international contest with the elements of extreme. Its filming was made in France and Greece, and altogether on television were shown as much as 9 seasons.

Fort Boyard

"Fort Boyard" is a popular TV-show, well-known to each viewer adventure, which is set in France, in the Bay of Biscay, off the coast of Charente Maritime, in the same fort. First time the program was shown on the French television channel Antenne 2 in summer 1990.


It is a famous extreme TV-show that was shot in sunny Argentina. On the whole, there were 3 seasons, each of which was very well-received by the audience.

Survivor! (6 seasons)

It is the grand and one of the most famous television formats in the world. On the whole there were 6 seasons of this show on Russian TV shot in different parts of the world: Panama, Malaysia, and the Dominican Republic.

Over 450 formats launched
Over 1 000 employees
Over 35 TV awards received
Over 5 000 hours of films, formats and concerts on air