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Alsu. I’m Not A Princess


This documentary is about the singer Alsu who became popular at 15 years old, and being 16 she got the second place at the Eurovision Song Contest.

She gathered large houses and stadiums but when she was 23 Alsu married, decided to devote herself to her family and gave up active creative work. Alsu brings up two daughters — Safina and Mikella.

The shooting team together with Alsu went to a Bashkir village, her father’s motherland. The singer showed us places of her childhood and told how her brother and she grazed cows. Until she was 9 Alsu with her parents and brother lived in the North in Kogalym town (Tyumen region). Temperature there could fall down to minus 45°C in winter and rise up to plus 40°C in summer.

In 1998 Alsu sang Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” at her brother’s wedding party and her mother’s friend insisted that the girl should be introduced to the producer Valery Belotserkovskiy. When he asked Alsu to sing something she sang “I will always love you” again. The producer was charmed by her style of performance, soul and voice tune. In 1999 TV channels broadcasted Alsu’s first video of the song “Winter Dream” that became popular in Russia. In a year Alsu represented the country at the “Eurovision” in Stockholm. She was only 16 years old and one of the youngest participants of the Contest over its history. Her song “Solo” got 155 points and Russia got the second place at the Contest for the first time.

Now Alsu says that she is happy and has nothing to complain about. Still she does not consider herself to be a princess living in a fairy-tale.

The documentary features Ralif and Razia Safins (Alsu’s parents), Marat and Renard (Alsu’s brothers), Joseph Kobzon, Lev leshchenko, Philipp Kirkorov, Dima Bilan, Igor Krutoy, Nicolay Baskov, Valery Belotserkovsky (a producer), Valentin Teplyakov (Dean of Faculty of Acting at the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS)).