Red Square


Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. "Where I Feel Good"


We had to wait nearly six months for Armen to agree to an interview. It would seem that he is so charming, friendly, with a great sense of humor, quickly drops formalities with you and calls you his friend – what a partner in conversation!

... But it’s nothing of the kind. There is everything behind this charming smile — tragedy and loss, and despair, and victory, and love, and faith, and unbelief, and joy, and boredom, fear and determination. Hence the unwillingness to share his personal territory. But how it is possible to hide two hundred and fifty roles behind all this? Two hundred and fifty! In order not to die from the truth. Because his favorite phrase is "Art is given to us in order not to die from the truth". Of course, when you are 80, you become a philosopher a little. Plus, the national Caucasian flavor and folk wisdom of long-livers.

His father was a stranger to him; he adored his mother, and has not yet come to terms with her death; his marriages broke up; his only daughter died; his adopted son is the son of his second wife, and he took his last name, but he lives in another country. Almost twenty-five years, cat Phil was the closest friend to Dzhigarkhanyan, and there are no other words, when you learn how Dzhigarkhanyan shared the pain with him and was upset with his death; his disciples left the theater away with scandal; his wife died a long time ago, but Vitalina is next to him.

- Armen Borisovich, you are a happy person?

- Ha-ha. You can answer this question after my hard story. Happy!.. Happy!.. Alive, my hand moves, my foot moves. Then I go on stage lying to you, you are lying to me.

But like everything that happens in his life, Dzhigarkhanyan simplifies it to "we’ve made it up ourselves", what he personally calls a miracle he immediately simplifies too. All this — love, friendship, waterfall — is the result of simple chemical and biological processes. It’s the people who called all of these chemical processes love, and friendship. In order not to die from the truth. And here I want to argue with Dzhigarkhanyan, but it is difficult to do. It is hard to find direct proof that this is not just chemistry and biology, but something more. Everything is made up by people. But during the conversation with Armen, there was one "but", which did not fit with his theory of chemical processes and, perhaps, saves us from the truth: "... A wise man said that we are living for a long time and we know that two and two make four, but all this time we continue to doubt. Maybe not four, but three and a half?"

— Armen, is it difficult to be Dzhigarkhanyan?

— I am very afraid of such questions.

— Are you an enclosed person?

— I am a very cruel man towards life. So I did not invent any illusions. Who am I, I’m 80 years old, how much I lost in my life, how much I gained, something I found, something was sacrificed. But I tell you honestly, no flirting, that I do believe — we make everything up in this life.

— Your daughter died. Tell me, ...

— It’s none of your business! That’s my problem!

— You had a cat who lived for twenty-five years.

— Do not pour salt on my wound!..

— And what is your biggest notion in your life?

— I will never tell. I will not tell you, because I am a bit shy, a bit afraid, laughing a little, crying a little.

The film was featured by:

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya
Karen Shakhnazarov
Svetlana Nemolyaeva
Mark Zakharo
Vladimir Menshov
Aleksandr Shirvindt
Aleksandr Pankratov-Cherny
Stanislav Govorukhin
Valery Garkalin

Written and directed by: Ruslan Treschev
Producer: Ilya Krivitsky