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Ever-fresh products


Can we eat the food we buy today in our stores? The information that has recently fallen to the consumer is shocking: "The miracle of modern technology is meat products made not from meat".

Soy, which is added everywhere, is not soy we used to know but an artificially grown mutant. Milk with a long shelf life can be soured only with chemicals from the laboratory. The bread is easy to preserve just rolling it up into a tube and putting it in the pocket. And six months later it will be much fresher than handkerchief. "What would happen if you eat it? Recently there are increasing reports in the media of substandard products, the poisoning due to dairy products, sausage. Statistics says that the number of food poisoning increased by 52% for the current year. However, according to the survey of Russian Public Opinion Research Center more than a quarter of Russians spends on food all the money earned.

Almost a one-third of Russia’s citizens spend on food from one-half to three-quarters of their revenue. Many connect this fact with the beginning of "hard times", saying that the crisis is on, and producers started to keep the ingredients away. Producers do not deny that fact — "Yes, in response to falling purchasing power, products of the so -called low-price category are becoming more popular; they consist of food and taste additives." However, the producers are unanimous in saying that all the additives used are harmless!

The film will help the customer to understand if the situation in the grocery market is appalling, to find out what these or that product is made from and make their choices. The movie is about people's gastronomic love for four kinds of products — sausage, milk, bread and fish — as well as how this love is subjected to the tests in the current difficult times. Participants of the film not only give advice on how to choose the right product but also offer an alternative — how can you live without buying the product in the store. The choice is up to the consumer...