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Give Me Life


According to demographic projections in 2025 100 million babies will be born in the United States, in contrast with Russia where only 22 million babies will be given birth. "Who do we leave our country to?" That is a complex issue the current "adult" generation is concerned about.

The recent history of the country is dramatic and full of drastic turns. A paucity generation which was born in unstable 90’s is now entering the adult life. Today in Russia women are playing an increasingly important role in politics, business, science and culture. More and more often they postpone childbirth "for later", seeing it as an obstacle to career, material wellness, and sometimes as an obstacle to their personal lives.

What is the result? Today sixty seven abortions accrue to one hundred births in our country. In Belgium, for comparison, six abortions accrue to the hundred births. Abortion is a disaster. And not only for the state. Indeed, in the first place a child is not only future workers' hands, this is happiness and the meaning of existence of the parents, an extension of themselves in the history in the world itself. Every abortion is a dangerous operation, which could cause irreparable harm to women's health, lead to infertility, but — and this is for sure: for the unborn child this operation always ends in death. Why in the modern civilized society women commit murder? The film authors, experts and women, who find themselves in the difficult situation of choice, try to analyze the situation in which a woman appears, who had learned of her pregnancy.

Who will help the bewildered woman, and, most importantly, the innocent unborn baby? In addition to close relatives, who sometimes "give the slack up", the governmental organizations that exist in metropolitan cities and regions come to help the pregnant women. "Life" Fund in St. Petersburg saves from death about two hundred babies a year. Kemerovo-based Foundation "Future of Kuzbass" was organized by the student’s hospital and helps young people who are just entering adult life.

Stories of their personal lives, told by successful, independent women, such as the two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina, actress Natalia Guzeyeva, singer Alsu, prove that the child could not limit a woman to be recognized as a person. In fact, famous mother insist: children are the main motivation in life.

Of course, a modern civilized country can’t restrict a woman in her freedom; prohibition of abortion has never led to an increase in the birth rate. However, various organizations (both public and charitable) are ready to help the woman — both psychologically and financially. After all, happiness of citizens is the main indicator of the country well-being and the baby in the family is a guaranteed happiness.