Red Square


Grigori Leps’ Labyrinths


Fearsome, vulnerable, loud, sad, unpredictable. Unwillingness to yield and ability to go ahead no matter what — are the secrets of his fame today. A tough macho on the one hand, and a reflexing musician on the other. That’s who he is, Grigori Leps.

As a child, Grigori dreamed of becoming a drummer, but “didn’t make it”, as he says.

After college, Leps could not choose whether to sing or to drum. The choice was made when his daughter Inga was born. Grigori started to sing with joy, but soon the first serious drama happened in his life. Wife left the young singer and took away their daughter.

Leps started his singing career in Sochi restaurants and earned pancreatitis there. Riotous tavern’s life with a glass of vodka on the table led him getting to reanimation as soon as he came to conquer Moscow.

After the hospital, Grigori started singing in restaurants once again — he had no money for concerts, advertisement, records. Lucky circumstances helped. One day the fameless singer was noticed by rich guests, who after finding out about his troubles helped him get famous. Grigori doesn’t uncover any names, but he calls one of them: Joseph Kobzon.

Another shock broke into his life in 2008. Leps almost died before the concert in Dmitrov.

Thus, Leps always balances between life and death. He opens his own producing center to help young musicians just as he was once helped. He raises three children with his beloved wife Anna, and his daughter from the first marriage Inga helps them. However, Grigori still doesn’t forget the lessons of the past and looks at his life philosophically, understanding that luck can turn into tragedy at any moment.

Cast: Grigori Leps’ wife, children, mother, and sister, Valery and Konstantin Meladze, Nikolai Rastorguyev, Juseph Kobzon, Alexander Rosenbaum, Victor Drobysh.