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Hard Landing


After four and a half hours of flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet the power supply system in the liner broke down. The plane suddenly leaves its air-corridor and at an altitude of three kilometers radio communication is interrupted. The nine crew members and 72 passengers are on board.

Fifty one minute of silence. Fifty one minute of frantic anxiety of all ground tracking services. Fifty one minute of despair and horror of passengers. Fifty one minute of pilots’ heroism. And one last minute of an unimaginable luck, which subsequently everyone: experts, passengers, and those who watched the scene with hope, will call a miracle.

In this movie, we tried to capture the atmosphere of despair and hope, fear, death, and that fear overcoming. The core of the film is the story of the participants themselves. Pilots, stewardess, passengers recall the details, share personal experiences, which sometimes contradict each other.

In this story there are a lot of details that, in fact, saved the lives of eight dozens. For example, the aircraft was flown by two first pilots but not the first and second pilots (usually pilots with different skill levels). Moreover, both are aces.

During a flight stewardess, as usual, carries breakfast for passengers, brings food to the pilots brews them coffee, pours mineral water. Later this glass of mineral water will be the only gyroscope, and with the help of it pilots will land the plane in the boreal forest.

The main characters of the film are the people who saved others. They are the pilots who masterfully landed a heavy plane on a strip that was half as long as necessary. This is also the worker of an abandoned airdrome Sergei Sotnikov, who stubbornly cleansed the runway from the willow. This is also the stewardess, who prevented panic on board.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev "for their courage and heroism in the line of duty in extreme conditions" assigned pilots Andrew Lomanov and Evgeny Novoselov the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. Flight engineer Rafik Karimov, navigator Sergei Talalaev, a senior stewardess Elena Razumova, flight attendants Vasily Vyrodov, Nikolai Dmitriev, Elena Dmitrieva and Rifkat Nizamov were awarded with the Order of Courage.