Red Square


HOT Summer 2010


Year 2010. Summer. Half of Russia is burning. Due to abnormally high temperatures in June fields and steppe of the Central areas of the European part of the country and the Volga region are burnt down. The forests now are on fire. The most terrible type of fire is a "crown" type, which plowing is unable to stop. This type of fire literally "devours" the villages, comes close to strategic sites. Fire victims are deprived of all assets accumulated for years. Evacuation of children and the sick are carried out from fire zones.

As always in a difficult moment dark prophecies are flourishing. As always in a difficult moment, there are people who do not lose their head. Firefighters, Emergency Situations Ministry, military, aviation — they all are mobilized to fight the fire. And it is the only right strategic decision. First, we need to protect people, to save the property both private and governmental.

Nizhny Novgorod region. Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod Route. Burned and still burning forests along the route. Smoke, the staffs of the Internal Affairs Ministry in respirators protect the roadside area. They tell us how many people throw cigarette butts out of cars without thinking about the consequences.

In this film you’ll see the story of the Verhnaya Vereya village that was burned to the ground — the fire came from three sides. Residents take away the ashes, someone digs up potatoes (all that remains), someone collects iron to sell it and get the money (it's faster than all other payments), someone mourns dead relatives...

Why this year’s drought predicted by physicists, meteorologists and climatologists turned into a large-scale tragedy? The authors of the film are trying to figure it out.