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HOT summer 2010. Future Outlook


Reports of fires in Russia are still in the top lists in the news. After the summer disasters the second wave of fires began to ravage the Ryazan region, the fire element rolled on over the Lower Volga, lit unique forest of Altai, hundreds of people were left homeless. The authors of the movie summarize the burning summer and early fall, think about how do we all — the government and society — the right conclusions in order not to face this situation once again.Since July over 30,000 seats of fires blazed on the territory of Russia, forest was destroyed on half a million hectares. With what to compare? This is more than the territory of Ireland with all its natural resources. 150 years is necessary to restore the forests, such as those destroyed in central Russia and the Altai. There is a need to build the house for fire victims, to restore the burnt fields and steppes. These are global, but the obvious problems. To solve them, we need to respond sensitive issues and to take immediate steps that will make the country less vulnerable to the forces of nature.

Why flame spread all over Volga region? Since the announcement of the state of emergency the guidelines of Emergency Situations Ministry have been sent to all regions: what is a must. In a village near Volgograd, that the fire had not yet reached, there was a fire truck fifteen years ago. The villagers don’t know where it is now. "If the fire starts the only hope is that regional center can help. After a 40-minute ride from there everything will be burned already." Is it necessary to wait for the notorious fate of villages of regions like Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and Altai, be burned to the ground and fall under Prime Minister’s notice to draw the attention of local authorities?The authors of the film turn back to the history of the "fire victims" who were the inhabitants of the villages of Upper Vereya, Maslovka and talk about the process of the house building for the victims. Year 2010, that ironically was called the year of the forest biodiversity saving. Who is responsible for consequences so painful for the economy and the health? Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered to prepare amendments to the legislation for more effective forests protection. He also proposed the introduction of the official’s personal responsibility for the losses from fire and promised to change radically the Federal Forestry Agency if it does not carry out the work on mistakes.For sure, the forests are our common heritage, common wealth, but for every citizen the security of his home is even more important. Now Russia is preparing a law on compulsory insurance of housing. In Tsarist Russia, if a burning house had no tag "fire-ensured" the fire-squad did not suppress a fire. The logic is simple: if your house is not dear for you, why should it be one for fire fighters?In addition, at present time the law is preparing that will be valid all over the world: the law on voluntary fire brigades. There will be squads of "out-of-work" type on enterprises and volunteers who will receive the award and thanks from the neighbors. The conclusion that fire element went out of control forced us to face that this is our common disaster, common responsibility. We are talking about the formation of a new society which would be responsible, not indifferent and in charge of its actions.