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"I do not like the fanfare." On the jubilee of Yury Solomin


Solomin has worked at the Maly Theater for over half a century, and for more than 25 years of them he worked as the artistic director of the theater. The viewers remembered Yury Solomin primarily for his roles in the movies, the most famous of which are "Ordinary Miracle", "Melodies of the White Night", "TASS is authorized to declare...", "Dersu Uzala", "Moscow Saga" and others.

But there is one film, which was the beginning of the actor’s popularity and is still remembered and loved by the audience. In 1970, a five-episode television film "The Adjutant of His Excellency" came out, where Yury Solomin played a reconnaissance officer Pavel Koltsov. In the year of his jubilee, Yury Solomin celebrates the jubilee of his most famous movie hero, too. For this role, Solomin was awarded the State Prize and the title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR". Initially, almost all the featured actors were not approved by the board of directors for a long time, and Yury Solomin had to audition six times.

Moreover, the film could not come out to be shown on the screens. The film was not approved by the board of directors, because the characters in the movie looked too dissimilar to the usual images of the White Guard officers in the Soviet cinema. Director Yevgeniya Tashkova was criticized for the fact that the enemies of the Soviet government turned to be too humane, intelligent and even encourage sympathy. Therefore, the film had been laid on the shelf, and it is unknown how long it would last, if Tashkov didn’t decided to show "The Adjutant of His Excellency" to Semyon Tsvigun, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for State Security Yury Andropov. Tsvigun liked the movie, and in April 1970 it came out on the television screen and became very popular.

The viewers were watching the twists and turns of a dangerous work of the reconnaissance officer in the rear of the white troops for five evenings. According to the author of the movie script, writer and screenwriter Igor Bolgarin, the streets in Moscow became empty in the evenings, and Yury Solomin received thousands of letters!

Actors Valentin Smirnitskiy, Lyudmila Chursina, Andrei Tashkov, Aleksandr Milokostny who played the role of Yura Lvov, and Tatyana Schukina who played the role of Tatyana Ivanitskaya tell us about how the film was shot, what happened on the venue, and about Yury Solomin himself.

The parallel line in the film will be an investigation of the prototype of the protagonist of the film, reconnaissance officer Pavel Koltsov. One of the most common versions is that the prototype of Koltsov was personal adjutant of the commander of the Volunteer Army Major General of May-Mayevsky Pavel Makarov. But a lot of "dark spots" are left in the story so far, which historians are still arguing about. We will tell you about the confusing and dramatic fate of Pavel Makarov and other people who in some way were prototypes for the characters of "The Adjutant of His Excellency."