Red Square


Igor Kvasha. Personal Pain


This phrase has a special meaning for the show’s host Igor Vladimirovich Kvasha.

He let thousands of tragic stories through his heart, but one story remained with him throughout his entire life. For many year, he has been searching for his missing father. What happened to him and how his life ended, Igor Kvasha will never know. His wife has kept this secret and had her reasons for it…

70 film roles. Though not all of them were leading roles, each of them was outstanding, bright, and meaningful. Many remember his pastor in “A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines”, burgomaster in “The Very Same Munchhausen” or sultry lieutenant called “African” from “The Straw Hat”. He masterfully created absolutely new images for famous people. He played Marx, Sverdlov, Stalin. The role of the latter in “Under the Sign of Scorpio” he considered one of his best.

Igor Kvasha considered himself exclusively a theatre actor and talked about cinema as something secondary. Kvasha admitted in one of his interviews that creating a theatre from ground up was a true joy for him; mid-1950’s brought the Khrushchev Thaw and theatre institute graduates were experiencing freedom. This gave birth to “Sovremennik”, the theatre in which Kvasha played more than 40 roles and to which he stayed loyal until the end of his life.Cast: Tatyana Putiyevskaya, widow; Vladimir, son; Anastasia and Mikhail, grandchildren; Galina Volchek, director; Leonid Yarmolnik, actor; Sergei Garmash, actor; Artur Smolyaninov, actor; Yevgeny Mironov, actor, director; Liya Akgedzhakova, actress; Svetlana Misery, actress, Igor Kvasha’s first wife; Leonid Avramov, childhood friend.