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Igor Matvienko. Maestro in jeans


The most successful projects of Igor Matvienko both as a composer and producer are bands “Lyube”, “Ivanushki-international”, “Korni”, “Fabrika”. Those long lasting bands are so unlike each other, and have fans from different social groups. And the most astonishing thing is that there are 3-4 hit songs in every album!

Many songs written by Igor Matvienko have become folksongs indeed. One good example is the original soundtrack written by Matvienko for the “Uboinaya sila” TV series, which is considered the unofficial anthem of the police of Russia.

Our production crew is going to spend with our hero the whole day. Igor Matvienko is going to tell us about his life and work. The audience will also has a chance to have a peek at the “creative workshop” of the modern creator of “post soviet époque background sound”. You will get the chance to hear the “true” voices of stars and learn how tone by tone in disputes and doubts the new songs are born.

Igor Matvienko is filming his projects participants in his studio: working process, jokes and awkward moments during the recording of the “veteran” artist Nikolai Rastorguev, working process with Nikita Mikhalkov, Sergey Bezrukov, (some of those moments were filmed on disguised camera).

And in the evening Igor is going for the surprise party arranged by his friends. After the party our hero is going home to his kids. Because the family and kids are the starting point and the benchmark for Igor’s work: he should not be embarrassed to tell his family how he earns his living.

Now Igor Matvienko is 50 years old and he lives in harmony with himself and his songs are full of harmony as well. Or is he not? How did he manage to achieve all this? Was it luck, good fortune or years of hard work? The filmmakers of the documentary “Igor Matvienko. Maestro in jeans” will try to answer all these questions.