Red Square


Irina Allegrova. Woman with a past


Irina Allegrova, one of the most popular Russian singers, is going to celebrate her anniversary on the 20th day of January. Today, as well as ten and twenty years ago, she manages to fill whole Palaces of Sports and stadiums with thousands of dedicated fans. Her concert schedule is quite busy, so that the singer has only a few days to spend at home before she is set off on a new concert tour again.

Allegrova spent her childhood in Rostov-on-Don and Baku. She was taught to sing by Muslim Magomaev, who was a close friend to her parents. Having grown up, Irina left home and managed to conquer both Moscow and Soviet audience.

In this documentarty film Irina Allegrova is going to tell about her first concert tours and the first group “Fakel”, about love and betrayal, about the beginning of her solo career and the times of disfavour. And, of course, how difficult it was for her to come back and stay at the zenith of fame.

Personal life of Irina Allegrova is not behind a veil of secrecy. It is well known that she was married several times, but all her marriages ended with divorce. Irina has made a big house comfortable for her closest and dearest people. In this house everything is thought out to the smallest detail, it is a perfect place for lovely family celebrations. Onstage she is a sexy empress, but in her own kitchen she is a lovely mistress who is far from standard recipes, who even thinks of opennig her own pastry shop. Her guests enjoy having tea with a piece of Irina’s homemade cake, as well as swimming in her pool or reading a book from a well-stocked library.

Is she happy? Whom does Allegrova really care about? What makes her work so much? And for how long is she going to make her fans happy? All these questions are going to be answered by the heroes of our documentary film and by the singer itself.