Red Square


Irina Rodnina. Woman with an Attitude


For more than 30 years no one can surpass Irina Rodnina’s achievements in sport that are listed in the Guinness Book of Records. She left the sport being invincible. But only a few people know that "beyond the shiny ice" the great athlete faced doubts and pain, mistakes and betrayal...

Our movie describes unknown circumstances of Irina Rodnina’s sports biography and her dramatic personal life, narrated by Oksana Pushkina, the author and a friend.

Irina Konstantinovna herself admits the following in the movie: "When we won the right to host these Olympics, I naturally told myself: “Well, I will definitely live to see these games. I wonder, in what role thought? And I’d like to thank my lucky stars, and I understand that without these three Olympics, without my partners, I guess I would have never been entrusted with such role. And I was very pleased that I together with Vladik Fetisov, again as a pair, have launched those crazy Olympic Games. Words cannot describe it. I can only say that without that history I would not have the present history".