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Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Citizen of the ocean


In 2010 the great explorer of the oceans, traveler and adventurer Jacques-Yves Cousteau would have turned 100 years old.

This film is dedicated to this man and so we tried to cover a century of development of man's relationship with the ocean.

Cousteau was born on the eve of the World War I; his favorite movie was a silent movie of 1916 year of production, called "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea". Our hero invented the aqualung only because he, a naval officer, turned around with nothing to do... During World War II the Allies sank the French fleet, because the pro-fascist Vichy government supported Germany.

We tried to show that our hero is not a "walking history". Indeed, Jacques -Yves Cousteau is subject to the passions, "a real Frenchman," who loved to “splurge”, to shock, to take risks in front of everyone and, of course, to impress women!

Simon is Cousteau 's first wife and is a true captain of his ship, the mother of his sons, Jean -Michel and Philippe. Francine the Commander widow, whom he met in his later years, and whom he transferred all rights to inheritance, denying the possibility of the first family to get at least trinkets... This film is the story of a modern Odysseus’ maritime wanderings — from the triumphant start through the free, full epicurean life aboard "Calypso" — until the sad final.

All Cousteau life, all of his researches are connected with the "Calypso". Descending into the ocean from its very board, Cousteau created his famous movies. Two movies were awarded with the "Oscar". All the "Captain Cousteau Odyssey" TV show (they came to the world television screens for 20 years!) was filmed on board of this ship, which once was a simple minesweeper. It was patted with storms of five oceans. The ship went through fire and water and now after the death of the owner, it is tested by... oblivion (as the name "Calypso" is actually translated).

The life of Jacques-Yves Cousteau we can describe with following words: vivid passion’s kaleidoscope, scientific insights, adventures and discoveries, as well as sacrifice and deprivation. Today he is a symbol and a legend. A ship, that survived him, is rotting in the dock after becoming the victim of property disputes. But romantics, who grew up on "Cousteau Odyssey", cannot imagine that the Nemo’s "Nautilus" will be sent to the scrap, and the brigantine with scarlet sails will be left to rot in a forgotten port. The dream has no right to rust.