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Leonid Agutin. A Bit Of Regret


In 2012 Leonid Agutin surprised the audience by appearing in role of a tutor of the “Voice” project on Channel One.

In this project he helped young artists to develop their potential, looked for an unusual voice and extraordinary sound. One of his decisions is doubted even today: he expelled Sevara. When Leonid started composing music his mother told him: “Write more simply otherwise nobody will listen to your songs”. However Leonid kept on creating his Latin-American rhythms. At last the country got to know and began to sing his songs. The first hit song was “Barefoot Boy”.

In his childhood Leonid’s parents made him take piano lessons. Lenya wanted to give up piano and cursed it up hill and down dale. Yet his mother’s insistence was not in vain and her son became “music-struck”. His friend and he created a group and even went on tour when Lenya suddenly decided to join the army. After his return from it Leonid wrote the song “Barefoot Boy” that was considered by his friends to be primitive. Then each of them went his own way.

The artist’s career was filled with flowers, gifts and love of the audience. As Leonid confesses he got “star-sickness”. He kept on gathering packed audience and people sang his songs but he realized that he did not move forward as an artist. His meeting with Angelica helped him to do it.

In newspapers of that time there were lots of versions of their meeting but only our hero knows how it really was. In the documentary Angelica and Leonid will gladly tell the audience about their private life, how their relations began and developed and what difficulties they faced. Now all hardships are gone and they have a happy family. And not just a family but an artistic union in which two people help each other to move forward.

In 2002 Agutin began to work on a project in cooperation with one of the best guitar-players of the world (Al Di Meola). Unlike pop-music that he used to make this style is valued only by real connoisseurs of art. It was a labor of love. Along with his “unpopular” project he remains a remarkable figure on Russian pop-stage. Every year he get a “Golden Gramophone”. He composes songs for Vaikule, Dolina and Kirkorov.

In the documentary there will be used unique video records from the family archives. The following people took part in the project: Alexander Rozenbaum, Nicolay Rastorgyev, Andrey Makarevich, Valeriy Syutkin, Larisa Dolina, Angelica Varum, Leonid’s parents, Leonid Agutin’s daughters, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalya Podolskaya, Igor Butman, Leonid Yarmolnik, Pelageya.