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L.E.P. Manege Horse Reading


An independent project by the famous journalist, director and producer Alexander Nevzorov. In his new documentary film Alexander continues his tale about horses, their role in history of humanity, training and intellectual capabilities of these wonderful creatures.

L.E.P. is an abbreviation for Latin Lectio Equaria Palaestra, which could be translated as Manege Horse Reading. The documentary film tells us about unique method, helping to teach horses understand the meaning of words. The method is based on various exercises, that allow the horse to understand the alphabet, associate objects with their written names and literally start reading and writing.

The stale named Kao, Alexander Nevsorov’s pupil, will show that a horse is able to form words with Latin letters, point at the named objects, demonstrate a great sense of humor and even more.

This movie is both documentary and fictional. The costumes and history reenactment are astonishingly realistic and dramatic. Real antiques were used as stage props.