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Lydia Smirnova. Love and Other Troubles


For more than sixty years she starred in films and on stage, and still the Matchmaker’s character from "The Balzaminov’s Marriage" and Duska’s character from the detective trilogy about Aniskina are considered to be the brightest character roles in the national motion pictures industry.

Although the clairvoyant Vanga once predicted a long life for Lydia Smirnova, she also added that it would be full of tears and with the loss of vision. Late in life she confessed: "Well, the old age is a true horridness. It is very difficult to deal with it. Your generation vanishes, and everyone who hears it, understands that the loss of friends is a powerful and a heavy feeling". This confession was made in one of her last interviews. We’ve received a unique footage from 2002 — a frank discussion with Lydia Nikolayevna Smirnova regarding her life and the cinema. It gives us an opportunity to take a look at an uneasy life of an actress with her own eyes. And try to understand her.