Red Square


Mikhail Tanich. The Last Sea


There were many tragic events in his life, that he does not like to recall.

Popular songwriter Mikhail Tanich, whose poems were sung by the whole country, till the last day of his life tried to avoid any talks about the past.

The writer of songs that are loved by more than one generation went through the whole war, was almost buried alive in the mass grave, was sent to the camp because of a denunciation after the war and almost died there. After the war Tanich did not want to communicate with his adult son who wrote an offensive letter to him that was dictated by his mother. It’s amazing, but his relatives and friends got to know some dramatic stories from the life of Tanich while shooting the film about him. Friend of Tanich, singer and composer Igor Nikolaev got to know the story about the son of Mikhail Tanich only now. And the daughter of Tanich Svetlana also got to know the story about the fact that the informer because of whom Tanich went to camp wrote a letter of contrition to the poet from her mother during shooting.