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Nikolay Karachentsov. "I’m in Love — and Therefore I Live!"


Lyudmila Porgina, Nikolay Karachentsov’s wife: "A few months after the accident, when Kolya regained his feet, we got married in church. It happened on August 1, 2005. And exactly 30 years ago, on the same day, August 1, 1975, we got officially married. And if now in my imagination I scroll our lives as a motion picture film, back from August 1 to August 1, I come to an understanding that our love has never been either less or more. For us it is a constant value, today and on the day of our very first meeting."

Lyudmila Porgina’s words are the starting point of the movie, from which the thirty years long love story is told, starting from today and back to the date of the first meeting. It is about love that has saved them both.

Lyudmila Porgina: "I got covered with spots, started sweating all over when I saw it — shaggy hair, big eyes, teeth, smile! … I just knew with all my soul that he was the one. I was crying the first time I told him that I loved him. I was overwhelmed, you know, I cried with happiness that I was able to say this word to him."

The present day, current joys and difficulties, surrounding people’s accusations regarding Ludmila Porgina being too active, marriage ceremony in the church, fame, desire to catch every moment, roles, plans, "Juno and Avos", the son’s birth, the accident that had changed Karachentsov’s life and the life of his whole family, — this is what the movie dedicated to the popular and beloved actor is about. And moreover — it’s about overcoming difficulties, strength and weakness, ability to love and forgive.