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Alexander Nevzorov. “600 Seconds” and the Whole Life


Alexander Nevzorov is a legend of Russian television. However not everyone knows that Alexander Nevzorov dealt not only with successful TV projects but with numerous scientific experiments as well.

For the first time the audience saw Nevzorov in episode of the legendary program “Point of View”. The program “600 seconds” became extremely popular and entered the Guinness Book of Records as one the projects with the highest ratings.

This is what Nevzorov says about that time: “In fact some time ago I tried to get rid of recollections about that time… But now I recollect “Seconds” fondly. No, I’m not ashamed; sense of shame is unknown to me. I’m just a bit embarrassed by myself… I was a commonplace, pondering over nothing boy… At that I was extremely brave, cynical, fearless and adventurous for certain.”

20 years after his famous program ended Alexander Nevzorov took huge interest in neurophysiology and problems of brain and intelligence evolution. What life events led him up to it? We will try to answer this question in the documentary.

Alexander Nevzorov: After all that I’ve seen in my life I want to learn what a human is in fact. The matter is that anatomy and skin destroy numerous illusions and explain evolutionary essence of this being perfectly. And there is no other way to comprehend a human except for anatomy and comparative anatomy.”

Together with Alexander Nevzorov we will get into the anatomic museum of Military Medical Academy in honour of Kirov, watch his lections “Mastership of TV Debates” and witness unusual scenes in his style.