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Peter and Fevronia. The story of eternal love


The documentary film that tells us about Saint Peter and Fevronia of Murom, the patrons of love, family and loyalty.

Every year on the 8th of July Russians celebrate the day of love, family and loyalty, but not everyone knows that on this day we remember orthodox saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom.

Peter, the second son of the prince of Murom Yuri Vladimirovich, was wounded by a poisonous sword as a boy. Sores covered his body and no one could cure him. The prince saw a dream, in this dream he learned that he could be cured only by the country girl Fevronia. This maiden knew properties of the herbs and could treat ailments and speak with wild animals. Peter told her that he would marry her if she cured him, but he did not keep his word. He became sick again. Fevronia cured him once more and became his wife.

The movie tells us about the earthly life of the saints and about the miracles they have been making after their death. More than 50 different costumes were made for the movie, all the exact copies of the real costumes of the 13th century. The filming took place in Murom and thereabouts.