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Philip Kirkorov. I dreamt this life myself


Philip literally grew up on stage. His parents, popular singers, constantly took their son on tours. And so his main dream was born — to become not an artist yet namely a star.

According to the singer’s words, when still studying at the institute he tried to convince himself and others that he's a star, "I studied at the Gnesins College and was a student of the first or the second year. We had a lunch break, and here I am, after waiting for my turn in a canteen, go with this tray and say, "Make me way, the star is coming!". I have instilled both in my and others minds, that I’m a star. I had to implement it; I had to think that I’m a star. Otherwise, I would never been able to go on stage. To go on stage you must be a star."

Philip Kirkorov’s first performance, tells his father, a singer Bedros Kirkorov, took place in the "Make the circle wider" show where dad and son sang a song "Alyosha" in a duet. In 1988, at a concert Philip Kirkorov sang "Atlantis" song, and with that hit he became a long-awaited guest everywhere. "Atlantis" helped Philip to perform at the biggest stages of the country, and in 1992 he collected his first full-houses in St. Petersburg.

Fame came quickly. Yet there were many well-known singers. He realized that in order to become Russia's number-one star it is necessary to do something incredible. In 1996, he created a magnificent show and in his own plane went on tour with it. He was the first to do such a thing in Russia.

In 1998, when Russia was stroke with a default, Kirkorov, contradicting the common sense, announced his concerts in St. Petersburg which was a huge risk. And, despite the crisis, has gathered 32 full-houses. He gave his fans a holiday and faith in the future. And hit the Guinness Book of Records for his musical marathon at the same time.

Another record of Philip worthy of the Guinness Book is that he’s a multiple winner of the "Ovation" Prize, winner of the "Golden Orpheus" and a five-time winner of the prestigious World Music Awards as the most popular Russian singer.

We need to learn everything that such greats as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson made, — says Philip. — So, when I received an invitation from Michael Jackson to take part in his "Michael Jackson and friends" show I was very honored, and in just a couple of weeks we flew in a plane to Seoul, then from Seoul to Munich.

Yet Philip faced defeats on his way. One of them is a losing streak at the "Eurovision". "The height that wasn’t taken doesn’t give me a rest — confesses the singer. — I'm so Taurus-like, a stubborn one. I will siege it until I succeed." The 17th place was unacceptable to him. "I'll take this top" the singer decided, — and became a producer. Especially for the "Eurovision" Kirkorov wrote a song for Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. At "Eurovision-2008" Ani Lorak ranked 2nd.

Philip is exploring new genres all the time. Try oneself in the musical? Why not! The first musical where he took part in was the "Metro" musical. But this was not enough for him, and he, trying to match his own name, stages the legend of Broadway - the "Chicago" musical. "The idea to stage " Chicago "was born spontaneously, — he says. — When we went to the Broadway and saw this musical, we, for sure, intrinsically understood that this topic is not very, let's say, close, to the Russian public. But we were counting on the great music of Bob Fosse, his staging. He is a legend, a man who discovered Liza Minnelli, who gave us all "Cabaret," "All That Jazz"movies.

The musical was closed much earlier than we planned, after just a year. Anybody could tell you for sure was it a success or a total failure. As Lolita Milyavskaya pointed out, “we must remember that that year a lot of shows (7-8 per week) were played. Anyway, after the close of the musical Philip was left with a debt of $ 4 million, which he paid for several years. But, as he notes, music and staging made an impression on the audience: "If you ask people who have been on the "Chicago” musical, no one will tell you he didn’t like it".

During his every show Philip’s trying to prove that he is the best. Constantly working with composers, contrive decorations and stages incredible numbers. His show is eagerly awaited in New York and Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Berlin, London and Paris. Once he set a goal to conquer Mexico. He went there and recorded a Spanish-language album, that immediately became the bestseller. However, it didn’t continue: the producer died, and without him, it is difficult to do anything in the West. Therefore Kirkorov returned.

Philip is not satisfied with pop scene. He was always interesting to cast in a movie. And he starred in the "Beauty Salon" TV series, in some series of "Old songs about the main" television movie and other TV projects. For his role in the "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" musical he won an award at the "Kinotavr" festival. Yet the most important role as he considers himself is the role of Valentine in the "Love in the City" film. "St. Valentine is very nice image - Kirkorov said. - In general, I bit into this role. The directors and producers of the movie were very scared to get in touch with me. I almost took a film crew under the siege, saying that it is the role I have to play."

Philip has achieved his dream. He is loved by the audience, his concerts are full-houses, he is a star. Another dream of his life was a Woman who sings (Alla Pugacheva). When he was five, he gave her flowers for the first time, in 12 years came to her house. When he met 25 he came into her heart. Alla Pugacheva later recalled how Kirkorov came to her with the words: "I love you and want to marry you", "You imagine: I'm married, her husband and Resnick as a friend of the family are sitting next to me. — "I am ready to marry you" — it looked like, you know, threw the gauntlet: "Come on, divorce quick and get married for me." That's it. Brazen face, handsome one."

Of course, at this point first rumors about Philip arose: "It's a marriage of convenience." But, as singer Lolita notes, it was a passion: "Passion, look, and you just see that they are as a boy and a girl who are together for the first time, and he’s like a madman, he was lost for all of us." Kirkorov himself adds: "People are living for one sense — for love. The greatest love that we are all looking for — is love to the person with whom we want to share our life with and with whom we want to walk for our entire life."

In November 2005, divorce with Alla Pugacheva was officially announced. According to Pugacheva, Kirkorov would hardly be able to live with someone else: "It’s impossible to find another woman like me. No one will withstand him. And he doesn’t need it, it’s not necessary for him. I have a daughter, then, maybe, there will be the son. It is now possible, thank God. What for? A singer of such kind and level is usually very selfish; he must live for his own sake. So he actually lives."

Philip dreamt of the child long ago. What can you do here? It didn’t happened with Alla. Still, his and his mother's dream came true - Philip became a father. "It is sad that even in this case they were trying to... One crazy journalist says in the text: "Let me see a passport, where the daughter is registered, then I believe that it is his daughter." Who the hell are you to me that I show you my passport with my daughter’s registration? — Kirkorov outrages. — They are crazy. How do people aren’t feel ashamed! It's horrible. Without a twinge of conscience. They’re just sick people who imagine themselves to be stars, the same as we are. But I forgive them."

Generally, according to the TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, "for the image of the King of Pop and the number 1 singer Philip gives extremely little reason to accuse him, that he was constantly involved in any scandals." A Kirkorov himself marks, "I can’t explain to anyone that, just before I turned around and rap somebody over the knuckles, some sick man or a fan, snitched on my head with a bouquet or something else, just because they’re sick people. But not that moment, yet my let’s say kind of reply will appear on the screen. "And no one to explain about hard trip, sleepless night, the upcoming concert: "You won’t tell it anyone, either you can’t put a caption under it. It remains a fact. That's it. Though simple, though fall. And such a situation in my life happens very often."

Philip wants to protect his daughter from the public sphere, "the eyes can be not only kind ones, and they can be full of envy. I don’t want to pass it on to her. Evilly, envious, black look".

"Philip’s life is the stage and he seeks to ensure that everything is perfect on the stage. "When the show has to be technically equipped with the appropriate amount of devices and some technical stuff, it's somehow perceived as my whim or some sort of my demand — he says. — But it is just a professional desire to make the show perfect. I'd rather quarrel before the show or my management makes some claims to the imperfection of stuff, but it will correct the situation than it will be found out by the audience during the show and then they leave dissatisfied."

Kirkorov can perform with a temperature of about 40 C, and the people in the concert hall won’t know and guess about it. "Once you get on the stage, you forget about all at once, all about the disease, — the singer says. — You're there for 2.5-3 hours and did not think about it. But the last block begins, these fiend arise, and then you already understand that it is the end, morally, mentally understand that you’re at the finish line, and then you remember about temperature, about the headache, the pain and the break-up of joints that your legs do not hold you, and think: "How fortunate that you have not thought about for the previous 2.5 hours".

About his own life Kirkorov says: "I dreamt this life myself. I made the rules of the game in this life, and I play by these rules. Therefore, forward only, faith only. Just believe in your life you dreamt, and it certainly will come the way you dreamt of it."