Red Square


Pyotr Mamonov. Black and White


Pyotr Mamonov is best known to the wide audience as a film actor who has played lead roles in Pavel Lungin’s recent films “The Island” and “Tsar”. However, aside from film acting that has brought him fame, the audience’s love and lots of prestige awards, Mamonov is also a musician, a singer, a writer, and a theatre actor. Nevertheless, it’s hard to call him a public person: Pyotr Nikolayevich who was born and grew up in Moscow, at Bolshoy Karetny lane, has spent latest 15 years of his life in Yefanovo village near Moscow. With rare exceptions Mamonov doesn’t talk to journalists or fans. He doesn’t like to recall his past full of ups and downs. After becoming a religionist at the age of 45, Mamonov began a new life.

The film’s main purpose is to show a live story of a man who made it to the top of his art and risked it all to start again.

Mamonov is a complicated and often unpredictable person. A few attempts to film his village life ended in failure he cancelled filming at the last moment. We finally managed to do it, and viewers will see Mamonov from an unexpected angle as a person which is known only by people who are close to him.

The film’s leitmotif is a captivating and at the first glace incredible story of Mamonov’s life, narrated by himself. An array of events and occasions, connected to both Pyotr Mamonov himself and his famous colleagues and friends: Victor Tsoi, Boris Grebenshchikov, Pavel Lungin, Oleg Yankovsky. Actor, singer, and musician speaks about “role of a person in history”, about fame and its consequences, about drugs and alcohol, about faith, hope, love, and many other things.

Pyotr Mamonov’s wife Olga and son Ivan, who know him more than anyone, will tell about his personal life, about his home habits, long affections, family and professional secrets.

Cast: director Pavel Lungin, actors Victor Sukhorukov, Ivan Okhlobystin, and Denis Burgazliyev, musicians Boris Grebenshchikov and Ilya Lagutenko, journalists Artemy Troitsky and Alexander Lipnitsky. The film also features famous English musician and producer Brian Eno.