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Sergei Bodrov. Where are you, brother?


What was he really like — an unusual actor, a film director with his own signature style, a popular television presenter or a hero of the 90ies? He had a lot of hypostases, although even all of them put together cannot answer the main question — why did people love him so much and why does he still live in the hearts of so many people?

On the 20th of September, 2002 all television channels broke a horrible news: “In Karmadon Gorge in North Ossetia a block of ice fell from the mountain onto the Kolka ice flow. As a result, a film crew of “The Messenger” and its director Sergei Bodrov have disappeared without leaving a trace”.

The second cameraman of “The Messenger”, who by a miracle turned out to be in another place at the time of the disaster, tells us about mystical coincidences pursuing the film crew. By a twist of fate Sergei visited the Caucasus Mountains three times in his life. The third time turned out to be the last one. The documentary film dedicated to the memory of Sergei Bodrov was shot including in Karmadon Gorge. A local man showed us the place, where the film crew was seen for the last time. Sergei Bodrov not only directed “The Messenger”, but wrote the whole script for the film. A woman, who lives in a village near this Gorge, told us about the disaster. In this area people often see supernatural events — such as unusual radiation. Some people believe that the film crew survived.

Sergei Bodrov is often called a hero of the 90ies, although he is impossible to fit into any time framework. His career began with the film “Prisoner of the Caucasus”, and people of his country saw an actor in Sergei Bodrov. But Bodrov is commonly known as a brother of the main character of the film “Brother” directed by Aleksei Balabanov. Brother infiltrated into our culture as a hero and took his place of honor among other not numerous film heroes: Stierlitz, Gleb Zheglov and Danila Bagrov. However, he was never to become an actor in the full sense of the word.