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Tamara Gverdtsiteli. Three times in my life I started all over from scratch.


Tamara Gverdtsiteli was born in sunny Georgia, lived in beautiful Paris, left for prosperous America in search of her personal happiness, and then came back to pragmatic Moscow, where she eventually succeed in her career.

She has a fantastic voice and a surprising capacity for work. Legendary Michel Legrand called Gverdtsiteli “a beautiful diamond”! She could have made a brilliant career of an opera singer, but opted for popular music. For many years, Tamara has been living in this complex and ambiguous world of popular music with its own laws of honor and creativity. Gverdtsiteli is one of the most popular Russian singers, altough she is not easily fit into the format of modern show business.

What did her way to success look like? What did this Gergian woman, brought up in the traditions of modesty and obedience, have to sacrifice? Our production team managed to talk to Tamara Mikhailovna about the internal conflict of a women and singer who dreams of a happy family and refuses this quiet happiness for the sake of her career.

Tamara Mikhailovna let us talk to her closest relatives and friends. Till the age of 32, Tamara Gverdtsiteli lived in Tbilisi, where she a lot of relatives and friends, including her father and brother. Her father, Mikhail Pavlovich Gverdtsiteli, and her brother, Pavel Mikhailovich, told us about this unknown period of her life. Gverdtsiteli’s family lives in Moscow — her mother, Inna Vladimirovna, who for many years has been living together with her daughter, and Tamara Mikhailovna’s son Sandro. These two are the most precious people in the singer’s life.

We watched her work during the television program recording, as well during a joint concert with Michel Legrand in Kiev. The audience is going to see how a new music video for the song "Pirosmani" is being shot. It is here, on the set, Gverdtsiteli revealed a new and unexpected side of her character: we see a passionate, loving, emotional, vulnerable and at the same time a very strong personality.