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Tatiana Bulanova. My Bright Light


Nowadays the singer Tatiana Bulanova happily lives with her mother, beloved husband — famous football player Vladislav Radimov — and two sons.

Mass media regularly divorce Bulanova and Radimov, but the singer asserts that she still loves her husband and they are happy.

The son of Bulanova from the first marriage Sasha studies to be a cook, but he dreams to be a musician. In secret he composes electronic music and hopes that very soon he will record a hit track together with his mother. Younger son Nikita followed the father’s footsteps and is seriously involved with football. In the last five years Tatiana has had a chance to try herself in the role of TV presenter, actress, she took part in sport shows and recorded several duets with young performers. Very soon a new video of Bulanova will appear in musical TV channels’ rotations.