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Tatyana Navka. Fire and ice


The star of figure skating Tatyana Navka has everything for living a happy life. She is a stunningly beautiful blond and a femme fatale. She is fabulously rich: she is the Olympic gold medalist, she has won two gold medals at World Championships, and three gold medals at European Championships. She also has love — a huge love of all those who’ve seen her at least once dancing on ice. Together with our heroine we have visited her hometown Dnepropetrovsk, where Tanya Navka, a little girl, stunned by the performance of Elena Vodorezova she saw on TV, has decided to be a great figure skater.

From Tatyana’s mother, her friends and herself we knew how she started her carrier as a future star of figure skating. Four years after the Olympic triumph of Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov our crew has come to Turin together with Tatyana. Standing on the ice of that very stadium in front of the cameraman Tatyana Navka will tell us what she had felt minutes before the victorious performance, about her worries and inner feeling of coming success. Tatyana’s first coach was sure that the girl had talent and she had to be trained in Moscow. When Tatyana was 14 years old, her mother bought her a train ticket “Dnepropetrovsk-Moscow”. Tatyana was lucky. Natalia Dubova agreed to train her.

Those were the years of hard work. Hours of training, first competitions. Tatyana among the best figure skaters trained by Natalia Dubova was chosen for the trip to the USA. However, America was not that different from Russia in terms of professional training: same confined space of ice, same tight schedule of tiresome training. Tatyana was reading letters from home and then wiping the tears from her face came back to her partner Roman Kostomarov. They were making progress slowly, but they were making it. The reason for that was that the dancers were the difference between them. These stubborn pair was trained by the famous Natalia Linchuk: she knew that they are going to be the superstars in spite of their wild personalities. Despite the fact that Tatyana was always busy with training it was in America, where she met her first love, Alexander Zhulin. They got married in the USA. However, the sport career in a strange land has turned into a drama.

Tatyana’s coach Natalia Linchuk decided to replace Tatyana with Anna Semenovich. Tatayana left the professional sport. She decided to dedicate her life to her husband Alexander and her baby daughter Sasha. A year after, she got a call from Roman Kostomarov. Maybe he realized that with Tatayna he would be able to become successful. Tatyana’s husband Alexander Zhulin became the coach of the pair. She spent sleepless nights at her baby’s cradle and days of tiresome training — this is the story of her triumphant path to glory. Turin is a city of museums, tourists and poets.

However in 2006, it was a city of Winter Olympics. For six years Tatyana, Roman and their coach Alexander Zhulin had been preparing for the competition. And they won. For such women as Tatyana life is not easy. It is quite hard to cope with such strong Olympic personality. Tatyana is a leader and she is used to being the first. Her fame has become a trial for the family. It split: happiness is short, thus precious, fame is extremely pleasant, however tiresome, at least for such strong personalities as Tatyana Navka.

And even now ,when she has achieved so much, this young woman is not going to stop. She is only happy when she’s moving forward. Tatyana’s story is told by her friends, tutors, relatives: mother Raisa Anatolievna Navka, daughter Alexandra, Ilya Averbukh, Anna Semenovich, Roman Kostomarov, Marat Basharov, Egor Beroev, Tatyana Tarasova, Alexander Zhulin.