Red Square


The horse crucified and risen


A movie by Alexander Nevzorov, that not emotionally, but strictly scientifically shows us the ugly and perverted side of horseracing. Modern science expert studies, studies by medical examiners and world’s best veterinarians are helping to find the answers for the mysterious prophesies form the secret books of High School.

In Alexner Nevsorov’s documentary the inside facts are not the only story line, but one of the many. The today’s real athletes in the movie are faceless and nameless. There are plenty of them, showing the full extent of sadist methods of this “sport”.

There is a fancy amusement called horseracing, born from barbarity, mediocrity and ignorance. Little did you know, the professionalism of the rider is the skill to torture the horse in the most painful way. But now we have the scientific and precise data backed by the experiments and expert studies. We already have this data. The boarders of the mind in terms of horseracing sport are broadening. Now we have scientific evidence proving the negative effects of the iron on the living being, that horseracing is a real torture for a horse, that this sport called horseracing is both useless and vicious sport. And there is no turning back to nonsense and ignorance.