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The Voice Kids. On the Highest Note


The first season of TV project The Voice Kids surpassed all expectations. The voice sounds on the totally new note — more appealing and penetrating. Despite young age, behind every participant and every appearance on the stage hides a personal history and a history of the family. We will make a closer acquaintance with some project participants in the film.

Together with Alisa Kozhykina and her mother we will travel from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow. We will taste shashlik on the celebration of the big gamily of Grant Melikyan. We will get to know the story of the family of Arina Danilova. And we will go to Sochi and visit Olga Sarakinida — the youngest participant of the contest. We fulfilled the dream of Rodion Trusov from Omsk; he was allowed to play on the biggest organ of Siberia. Some months ago Rodion could not even dream to see himself on the TV. When the boy was invited to the casting in Moscow, his parents thought that it was a mistake. Listening to this child, it is impossible to believe that he began to speak at the age of five. Actually, Rodion began to speak and sing simultaneously.

We will also tell about the people that are concerned the most at this project — parents of our participants. They cannot sit still, they do not sleep at night and they faint behind the curtain. Never had there been anything like this on "Voice".

Ivailo Filipov and Lev Akselrod are probably the two biggest stars that took part in the first season of the show The Voice Kids. We will see their rehearsals and how they perform on the stage in different projects. We will also visit their schools. Lev’s parents fairly admitted that they are concerned for their child not to catch "star sickness".