Red Square


The Voice. On the Highest Note


But before parting with competitors, many of which we have grown to love, we will recall how it all happened. Our film will show an array of events, that resulted in the creation of "The Voice". We will see what trials the participants went through during their rehearsals and what it cost to them to get the right note. They argue, joke, cuss, worry, cry.

All participants of "Golos" are bright and talented people. We will see them in many different situations, especially during incredible hardships–when some of them were leaving the project, for example. The film features: Roman Vtyurin, the only active duty soldier taking part in the project. We will also visit Roman’s unit. Dina Garipova, marked by God, as her mentor Alexander Gradsky described her. Maria Goya, who combines sophisticated femininity with fiery temper. Achi, man of luck, the project’s heart and many others.

We will look behind the project’s scenes, where the show’s authors create wonders, where thousands of square meters of sets and kilometers of cables are laid, where everything is done for the "Golos" to sound as in a conservatory!