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The War and the Myths


"The War and the Myths" is a multi-episode television documentary exposing the modern myths about the Great Patriotic War.

"Generalplan Ost (Master Plan East)". The episode recounts the fascist "Generalplan Ost", according to which a total extermination of Slavic population in the Eastern Europe and the USSR was planned, disproving the modern myth that if the USSR had surrendered without a fight to the fascists, the civilian population would have got incredible advantages, and the standards of living in the country would have improved greatly.

"Early Days of the War". The episode recounts in detail the actions of the Soviet military commanders in summer 1941, disproving the myth that the USSR was absolutely not ready for the war, and that Stalin was "in prostration", leaving the country without a leader.

"People’s Volunteer Corps and Collaborationists". The episode tells us in detail of the civilian people who voluntarily abandoned armor and went to the front as volunteers, refuting the modern myth that people's volunteer corps of the Soviet Union citizens were formed under the threat of reprisals by force. Also this episode describes the collaborationists - the Soviet Union citizens that helped the fascist Germany in the occupied territories.

"Penal Military Unit". The episode tells us in detail about the actual number of penal military units in the Soviet army, refuting the myth that hundreds of penal military units fought on all the fronts strictly covered by the retreat-blocking detachments.