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Truth About "Survivor!"


The first episode of the reality-show "Last Survivor" was broadcasted in 2001. And only now, five years after the last season ended we can unveil all secrets of this show.

Participants, presenters and creators of this project will tell us about what was left backstage: Vladimir Menshov, Dmitry Pevtsov, Alexander Domogarov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Julia Kovalchuk, Vladimir Presnyakov, Maxim Pokrovskiy, Larisa Verbitskaya, Victor Gusev, Sergey Kushnerev, Marina Alexandrova, Maria Butirskaya, Mikhail Grushevskiy, Alexander Pashutin and many others.

You will learn about price of victories, tricks, wiles, extreme situations and numerous intrigues. How the participants survived, made friends, fell in love, who got in their way and who helped. How their lives changed after the project had ended. All of it you can watch in the documentary "Truth about “Last Survivor".