Red Square


Tsoi — “Kino”


For twenty two years Natasha, a friend of Viktor Tsoi, held a unique record — the song "Ataman" that Viktor Tsoi recorded once on his double cassette tape-recorder. This song has never been performed, and many doubted its very existence. Realizing that time has come, Natasha sent tape to Georgy Gurianov, and she goes to St. Petersburg to Viktor’s son Alexander to tell him why she sent a record to the drummer of Kino band, who is a famous artist in Russia and Europe now.

Alexander and Natasha met in a club where Natasha tells Alex about “Kino”, and Alex tells her about his life. It appears that he is also a musician, he has his own club and his life is rich in events. From the conversation it turns out that Alex does not communicate with the musicians of “Kino” — Victor’s death and dashing 90’s bred the people who were close once into opposite sides. Natasha and Alex come to the conclusion that it would be right if the “Kino” band reunite again to record a Victor’s song "Ataman".

Before gathering musicians of Kino band, Natasha and Alex come to Inna Nikolaevna, Mariana's mother. Mariana is Alex’s mother. She was also a member of “Kino” and her mother was very close person to Victor. Inna recalls the first time she saw Viktor and reveals her memories of the young band members, who thereafter became Viktor’s closest friends.

All the film is composed from LIFE-parts — the musicians meeting with Alex, the memories of the past, talks about the music. The band members are later accompanied by Igor Vdovin, a musician and composer, who helps them to record of a new song.

“Kino” is a unique atmosphere where Viktor Tsoi revealed himself as a poet, singer and composer. People who were really close to Viktor never showed up in the media space — their world was closed to outsiders even when Tsoi was alive. The film gives an opportunity to look from aside at those who were Viktor Tsoi’s true friends.