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Vladimir Spivakov. Life at the Fingertips


Except for the first anniversary, which happened at the will of musician’s parents, Vladimir Spivakov created everything else by himself. And these are the pillars the life of the musician is based on today. Furthermore, there are the Moscow International House of Music that he presides, and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, where Spivakov is the chief conductor and artistic director. As well as the International Festival in France, Colmar, which is managed for already 26 years in a row by Spivakov as an art director. “Creation and Creativity” are the main words and creative credo in Vladimir Spivakov’s life.

Spivakov keeps repeating that the main thing in life is to create an atmosphere of love and respect around oneself. The conductor was awarded the title of UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2006 for this peaceful attitude. But it’s not the titles, it’s just that Spivakov is created this way, this is his way of life. Perhaps that is why his charitable foundation was established, it helps not only young talented musicians, dancers, artists, music schools, but also orphans, disabled children, orphanages and hospitals. For 20 years of the fund existence more than twenty thousand children have received aid including serious heart surgeries.