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Voice. Kids. On a Top Note


For the past three seasons, we have been discovering the secrets of the country’s main vocal project — show "Voice". In 2014, there were children on the stage of the project for the first time.

In 2015, at our request, the parents of the project participants were recording the preparation of their children for performances with home cameras and mobile phones. These records will be included in the film.

The TV audience will have the opportunity to get to know better not only with the young contestants, but also with their parents. They are doing everything to make the dream of their children become real. And even if the highest-rating project of the country is only an exciting game for their child, it is often an ordeal for the parents.

Film characters:

Katrina-Paula Diringa from Riga already tried to be in the project last year. But then the mentors did not turn to the young contestant, and later regretted it. This episode was one of the most dramatic moments of the first season of the "Voice. Kids". However, Katrina-Paula showed the mettle, and decided to take part in blind auditions once again. And she proved that she is worthy of standing on this stage.

Yaroslav Sokolnikov from Minsk became not only the youngest finalist, but the youngest participant of the season. At the time of the blind auditions, he was only 7 years old. His mother watched with horror as her brave son, who is professionally engaged in highboard diving, was afraid to step on the stage. But he overcame his fear and became one of the main contenders to win the show.

Sofia Kvaratskhelia is the only female finalist of this season. All other participants qualified for the final are boys. But she is no stranger to being the only one. Her life resembles the life of the heroine of the popular cartoon "Sofia the Beautiful", which sings with her voice. Without any patronage, she became the only child-actor in the world’s first scenic 3D musical... Sophia’s parents decided to change their lives for the sake of their daughter and moved to Moscow. And the final of the "Voice. Kids" became another proof that they were on the right track.

Finalists Matvey Semishkur is a success in every way. In each club or interest group, teachers predict a great future for him. But he has three major passions: parkour (street acrobatics), boxing, which he does with his grandfather, and music. Matvey’s mom is most concerned about his vocal exercises. Because in this area of his life she has to play the dual role of a loving mother and a strict teacher. And it is very difficult for her.

Aleksey Zabugin’s teacher said when her student was qualified for the final that was the highest point of her teaching career. Indeed, who in Novy Urengoy could imagine that a boy from their city would be one of the contenders to win the show. Before the final, when spring is in the most of Russia’s territories, there are still snowdrifts, subzero temperatures and the holiday of the North, when Aleksey was sent to Moscow as a hero.

The film will also allow to take a look at a rehearsal of the "Voice. Kids"; it will remind that the host of the show Anastasia Chevazhevskaya was a member to the project the "Voice" by herself and will introduce her daughter to the audience; it will tell about the creators, presenters, and mentors of the show.