Red Square


Yuli Gusman. One-man Band


The audience knows him as an absolute wit, his friends call him the heart and soul of the company, a person who attracts people and gather them around himself.

There have been several turning points in Yuli Gusman’s life. The boy from a good family was supposed to follow his father’s steps and become a doctor. He even graduated from University and postgraduate school, wrote a thesis but during his study at the university it was already clear that medical science would not get its new psychiatry luminary. In 1964 Gusman and his friends set up an independent Club of Cheerful and Quick-Witted of Baku. In a year Gusman became its leader. For 7 years he was the captain of Baku picked team which lost no game from 1967 up to 1972, became a repeated champion of the USSR and won “Champions’ Cup of Club of Cheerful and Quick-Witted” in 1970. And after that it was his father (famous in Azerbaijan doctor), who was asked whether he is Yuli Gusman’s relative.

One more turning point in Yuli Gusman’s life happened in 1987. He was offered to take charge of the Central House of Cinema. He and the famous film writer Victor Merezhko made the Central House a cultural center of the capital.

In 2005 on the stage of Central Academy Theater in honour of Russian army Yuli Gusman staged the American musical “Man of La Mancha” (based on the Cervantes’s novel “Don Quixote”) especially for the People’s Artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin who celebrated his 90-th anniversary that year. According to Zeldin Yuli Gusman literally brought him back to life because before it the actor had not played any part in theater for many years. At first almost nobody believed in the project’s success but the play keeps on being staged with great success even now.

The audience together with Yuli Gusman and his brother Mikhail will get to their native city Baku. They will see director Gusman at the new film set, feel the atmosphere of the “Kinotavr” Cinema festival.