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Yuri Vyazemsky. Tricky Question


Devotion to work is “hereditary” issue. Yuri Pavlovich’s father, well-known physiologist Pavel Simonov, was always at work and had the first serious talk with his son only when he was 14. Vyazemsky’s grandfather, famous historian, kept to the Roman system of upbringing and thought that a boy is to be raised by women until he becomes an adult. Yuri Pavlovich Vyazemsky follows the same system.

Yuri Pavlovich does not spare himself and those around him. While his mother, father, and sister were living in Moscow, little Yura was raised by his grandmother in Saint-Petersburg. He successfully graduated from the music school, but gave it up to enter MGIMO. After graduating from MGIMO, he entered the Shchukin Institute, but then left it for postgraduate courses in MGIMO. He could have been an actor, a musician, an athlete, but he gave up everything for the sake of education. When his “Brainiacs” show was getting suspended, he started to release it for his own money, because he just couldn’t fail the kids’ expectations.

The viewers will see Yuri Pavlovich in all his roles: Host Vyazemsky, both on air and behind the scenes; Writer Vyazemssky in his study; Grandfather Vyazemsky talking to his granddaughters. We will see him as a MGIMO teacher and even as an athlete. He’s always surrounded by children, worshipping him and loved by him.

The film will also tell the stories of two finalists of actual season of “Brainiacs”: Ekaterina Zaitseva from Krasnogvardeiskoye village of the Republic of Adygea and Sergei Pestov from Moscow.

Yuri Vyazemsky’s sister Evgeniya Simonova, his wife Tatyana, and son Sergei will tell us about his personal life, his childhood, his upbringing methods and family secrets.