Red Square




How does Yana Churikova spend her day-off? What happens backstage in Andrey Malakhov’s studio? How does Ivan Urgant get ready for broadcast? How many push ups does Yuriy Nikolaev do? Where did Dmitry Shepelev get a talking dog? What is there in Natasha Koroleva’s refrigerator? These and other celebrities will tell their life stories and give valuable advices.

Favorite programs, hosts/hostesses and celebrities of the Channel One Russia are with you for the whole day long. It is a climax of everything outstanding and amazing aired by Channel One. How should you choose food products? — a nutrition specialist of the program “Sample Purchase” and Anton Privolnov together with Natalya Seminikhina will give you advice and share their personal experience. What clothes should you put on and how should you wear them? — Alexander Vasilyev, Evelina Khromchenko and court of “Fashion Verdict” will answer these questions.

How can one stay healthy and live happily? — Here are best recommendations from Elena Malysheva. Elena Proklova gives solutions to social problems in the program “Housing and Community Amenities”. Most remarkable events of the week shown in “Let Them Talk”. Also you’ll see whom Larisa Guzeeva, Rosa Syabitova and Vasilisa Volodina help to find their love in the program “Let’s Get Married!”.

Saturday coruscation of entertainments — best jokes from favorite programs: “Club of Cheerful and Quick-Witted”, “Big Difference”, “Yesterday Live”, the most popular and legendary songs from such projects as “Heritage of the Republic”, “Two Stars”, “Red Star” etc.

Everything you wanted to watch on weekdays but didn’t have time for it or you’d like to watch it again you can find in Saturday show “Abrakadabra” on Channel One!