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Big Difference


“Big Difference” is a collection of outstanding and sparkling parodies. Its creators target is to mock famous actors, politicians, cultural events, TV programs, Russian and foreign movies and series.

Having begun as a special New Year’s project the program gained love of the audience and was renewed in a new format. So far, there have been five seasons and two humor festivals in Odessa.

The creators of “Big Difference” do not aim to offend anyone. Parodies are made not only for the viewers’ sake but for the sake of objects of mockeries as well. Guests who come to the studio can see themselves from a different perspective: they can notice special characteristics of their behavior, their advantages and disadvantages. This is achieved by thorough preparations for each parody. Actors of the show carefully watch films and programs that will be mocked; they examine their characters’ movements, mode of dressing and speaking. Great work is carried out by make-up experts, costume designers and decorators. The result of such painstaking work of the shooting team is one of the most popular comic shows on Russian TV.