Red Square


Everything is as We Want It)


A monthly parody programme on CTC channel exploring an original TV genre — a genre of a music parody.

Each episode of the programme has a theme. Some episodes are devoted to holidays (e.g. the Day of Knowledge or the New Year), others to distinct events (the Eurovision contest or the 1980s disco). The action takes place in an invented city of Bilansk whose residents love to joke and sing.

The episodes include: The Laughter Day as We Want It, The New Year as We Want It! The 1980s disco as We Want It! and even The Revolution as We Want It!

The most famous Russian celebrities such as Alexey Chumakov, Yulia Kovalchuk, Sergei Minayev, Timati, Yuliy Gusman, Alexander Buinov, Yana Churikova, Marina Golub, Olga Shelest and many others participated in the project.