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Ideal Renovation


“Ideal Renovation” is more than paints and furniture. It’s a happy life!

Together with the team of specialists professional designer Natasha Barb’e comes to common apartments in order to create an ideal interior for their owners.

Natasha Barb’e is an editor-in-chief of the “Mezonin” magazine and president of Interior Decorators Association. She thinks that we are “the creators of happiness in our home” and that designers shouldn’t be over-enthusiastic about art because the main goals of renovation are comfort and usability.

At the moment of entering the apartment the hostess doesn’t know its owners, but by observing decoration and interior she tries to make their psychological profile: their age, hobbies and lifestyle. The program is shot not only in an apartment but in a studio too (that is also an art-center). Here designers and experts gather to discuss and choose the only possible ideal alteration.