Red Square


Make It Till Midnight


Weekly humorous quiz show with questions mostly about events of the week.

The central figures are Aleksey Chumakov and Timur Rodrigez. They neither are scared by anything nor feel pity for anybody. They are ready to review remarkable news of the week with humorous undertone, make fun of what is worth it, discuss those who have exposed themselves and just cheer up the audience and themselves at the weekend.

The guests match the hosts — they are musicians, showmen, actors, TV presenters.

“I’ll treat invited guests as stars — I will ask for their autographs, admire them and carry out their riders right there in the studio — Aleksey Chumakov says — I’d like to see Brad Pitt… I’ve always dreamt of shaking the hand that hugs Angelina Jolie. Timur talks about nobody but Danny DeVito and every day rehearses “haughty look” in front of a mirror”. In my opinion Danny is one of a few people on this planet at who Timur will be able to look this way”.