Red Square




A “Red Square” project in cooperation with Channel One Russia featuring popular Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, the project named “Nastya”.

Everything you see is real Nastya Zavorotnyuk, her thoughts, interests, problems. Conversations with the audience concern topics that worry most people in real life. The difference from other programs is that Nastya does not play any part and does not put on any mask. In order to puzzle out not very simple topics Nastya invites experts to her studio. Among them are doctors, psychologists, party organizers, close-fight champions.

Nastya shows all her famous guests “in their true colors”: her catchy questions take them aback. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk interviewed popular TV-presenter Valdis Pelsh on one of the first programs. However that was not a usual conversation but an “undressing interview”. In the end Valdis had only… his underpants on and the hostess had to undress herself a bit too.

In one of the episodes Anastasia Zavorotnyk appeared as Marilyn Monroe, in another one she invited Philipp Kirkorov to her studio. In short Anastasya Zavorotnyuk keeps surprising her audience in the show “Natsya”.

“Everything you see is what I am, my thoughts and reflections on things I care about”, — the hostess of the show “Nastya” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk says. To her opinion “the show will be interesting to all women and not only to women”. “I hope that men will find something entertaining for them, — Anastasia adds. — We have some surprises in store for you”.

One of the show scriptwriters and in addition to it co-host and musician Dmitry Mishin mentions that “the show should be watched because everything that Nastya says we’d like to say ourselves but we couldn’t find the right words”. “It’s always interesting when someone verbalizes ideas that are close to yours, — Dmitry believes. — Moreover when it happens to be funny”.