Red Square


Pride of the Nation


Each programme is a contest of songs from one of the decades from the 1930s to the 2000s. You can hear 15 to 20 most popular songs of those years in each episode.

All participants sing exclusively live to the live orchestra’s accompaniment.

Depending on the number of hits during a decade, one or two programmes are devoted to each decade. All performances are judged by representatives of different generations. The panel of judges includes well-known composers, directors, writers, artists and actors. In each episode the judges’ vote determines three songs which are included in the final competition. The young generation panel of judges include Alexander Oleshko, Mark Tishman, Alexey Yagudin, Ilya Buts, Victoria Lopyreva, Masha Tsygal, Vladimir Shirokov, Alexander Avdeyenko, Anton Komolov, Olga Shelest, Tutta Larsen and Evgeniy Pisarev. The older generation representatives are Nikolay Drozdov, Irina Miroshnichenko, Darya Dontsova, Alexander Anatolievich, Mikhail Marfin, Fyodor Chekhankov, Larisa Rubalskaya, Alexander Levin, Svetlana Bezrodnaya, Lyubov Voropayeva, Alexander Menshov and Vladimir Kovalenok. Pride of Nation’s hosts, Yuri Nikolayev and Dmitriy Shepelev, are also representatives of two different generations. The hosts recall most interesting events of the decade the programme is about; while the guests and judges of the project help them in that. The guests talk about the history of songs included in the programme, about their composers and the context surrounding each song — after all, every song has a history and a destiny. The viewers will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of those years, and they will also have a chance to see unique chronicle documentaries.

The best songs of all decades will compete in the grand final gala concert, and only one will win in the end.