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Sample Purchase


This is a unique TV project. The programme has grown from a small section called Quality Control Department within Good Morning! programme on Channel One. This section was giving practical advice on how to choose and buy different goods.

Due to its popularity, it was decided to create a separate programme with a similar subject. That was the beginning of Sample Purchase.

These days, when the whole world is worried about the quality and safety of goods, Sample Purchase puts similar products of different manufacturers (trademarks, brands) to competition. First, prospective customers evaluate the contestant goods in a shop; then every product aspiring for the Sample Purchase Winner title is comprehensively studied by specialists in a professional expert laboratory.

By informing the viewers about the lab research results and appointing the best contestant product as The Sample Purchase Winner, the programme exerts a serious influence upon manufacturers and encourages them to continuously improve their products’ quality.

The credibility of the competition in Sample Purchase is based on the fundamental principle that the programme does not cooperate with advertisers and is produced exclusively with the TV channel funds and in the interests of the viewers.