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The Best Husband


It is a game project where married couples will become the main characters. The term of marriage is not important — both newlyweds and couples who have celebrated together several anniversaries, can participate.

Four women meet together at a table. Their husbands are here, in the studio too, but every man is in a separate glass box. Before the game begins, every participating woman gets 50 thousand rubles in cash. A task is declared and every woman makes a bet for her husband. The more a wife is sure that her husband will cope with the task, the higher is the bet. The husband whose wife makes the maximum bet will have to perform the task.

On the results of 4 contests the man that has coped with the tasks better than the others is declared the winner and the best husband. The winning couple gets the prize in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. The final couple can win 50 thousand rubles more if they agree for a super-game. However, if they lose in the game, they will lose all the money.

Program hosts: Dmitriy Kharatiyan and Ekaterina Skulkina.

— Game tasks are sometimes funny — e.g., to eat semolina porridge with hands or blow out candles with your own nose; Sometimes — dangerous, e.g., to kiss a crocodile; Sometimes — requiring attention concentration, e.g., for 2 minutes to run a thread into 20 needle eyelets of a different size. "The man who will win the title of the best husband at the end of the program, must easily cope with any of these tasks, and his wife must believe in him and support him", — tells Dmitriy Kharatiyan.

"Positive emotions and the right motivation are very important in our program, — says Ekaterina Skulkina. — If participants come not for the sake of the prize but for the sake of the game and positive emotions, they have all the chances to win".