Red Square


The King of the Ring


In this breathtaking, reckless and tough TV battle the real men — singers and actors, TV presenters and musicians known to the whole country — fought for the right to be called the King of the Ring. They did not get scared of workouts, injuries or the hardest training and came to the ring to find out who was the strongest of them all.

Just several months before the show each of the participants were engaged in their own professional activities and never thought of trying boxing gloves on. Nevertheless, they all faced the challenge and thanks to the best coaches mastered a sport that had been new for them. Exhausting workouts, sporting schedule, study of professional boxers’ fights, injuries inevitable in this type of sport — the participants of the King of the Ring experienced it all. And they decently coped with the preparatory stage!

Everyone by turns matched the strength of the blow with the opponents sustaining three rounds of one and a half minutes each. Everything was real. Professional judges and referees were on the rink and closely watched every fight. Because only one could become the King of the Ring.

The winner of the first season: Edgard Zapashnyi.

The winner of the second season: Nikolay Lukinskiy.