Red Square


The Main Stage (2 Seasons)


The Project was preceded by one of the biggest castings in the history of the Russian television. The selection took place at the main concert platform of the country in the National Kremlin palace. Application forms for participation were sent by more than 10 000 performers from Russia and neighboring countries.

At approaches to the Kutafya tower there were so many people willing to show their talent, that the majority of them had to wait for their turn for some hours. After the long-sought beiges had been received, the first casting phase — so-called selection cabins — began. Despite the fact that there were several thousand competitors, all of them had a chance to act without limiting the performers with one musical composition only.

The competitors having passed the first phase faced the second audition. At this phase leading music experts of the country met them. They evaluated the talent of performers in ‘а capella’ format. The strict selection gave chances to win to only a few of them.

The fortunate few having passed the first two phases went before the star casting jury: Janna Rozhdestvenskaya, Nina Savitskaya, Alexander Serov, Ruben Lisitsian, Anton Belyaev, Yevgeniy Orlov, Oleg Nekrasov, Elena Kiper and Stas Piekha.

It was anything but simple to impress the jury. It was not only ideal vocal talents that the jury members were looking for. The main selection criteria were also competitor’s sincerity and energy. Each performance was accompanied with jury’s professional comments and advices. As the result of three casting phases, the most promising competitors were selected.

Who of them will become a real star? Who will conquer audience hearts in the whole country? A super-reputable jury, whose composition is still kept in secret and will be disclosed on the premiere show date, will be judging the competition.

A team of the best music producers of the country, including Igor Matvienko, Konstantin Meladze, Victor Drobysh and Maxim Fadeev, will help the competitors to reveal their talent and conquer love of the audience.